PRO  BLEND - The Difference!

With so many options out there these days for powersport wraps, it starts to get a little confusing as to why or how one company can be so much better than the rest. Does any graphic manufacturer actually make their own vinyl?

Well, the secret is, there are only a few brands of "powersport vinyl" out on the market, and no, there are no wrap companies out there we know of that are manufacturing their own vinyl. So how can one wrap material be that much better than the next?

Thicker, stickier, glossier, whatever. It's all the same! We decided to do something a little different and let everyone else argue about why their graphics are so much better using the same selling points as the next company.

Pro Blend vinyl is the result of our 10+ years in business supplying wraps to the sled market. We have tested many materials over the years looking to find the winning combination of durability, ease of installation, good looks and future removability.

For several years now, we have been manufacturing our wraps with a mixture of air release, conformable materials with high tack, aggressive materials. In other words, contrary to what the competition says, there is not a "one size fits all" vinyl that is the optimum selection for a snowmobile. Super thick and sticky where you need it, and thinner and more flexible for other areas.

When you look at a sled, what materials do you see? Smooth, shiny, high gloss painted plastic, dimpled low energy plastic, aluminum, polycarbonate. We're here to let you know that there is not one type of decal material that is the winner for all of the parts of a sled. And we've spent our years in the business making sure that what you get in our wraps is 1. durable, 2. easy to install, 3. great looking and 4. removable in the future.

When you receive your sled wrap from you'll notice there are thick pieces with very aggressive adhesive and other parts that are thinner, with different looking adhesives. Be assured, that we stand behind our wraps 100% and what you're getting is as durable a sled wrap that can be made. It's all in the blend!